Logistic Services.

This area has been our core business at Tamro for 100 years. Our experience has resulted in proven services, which ease your everyday work.

Pharmacy Distribution

Tamro offers a fully integrated distribution solution for deliveries to pharmacies. Through three strategically located distribution facilities, Tamro delivers to all pharmacies in Sweden within 24 hours. By using several facilities, we have shorter delivery times, proximity to the pharmacy and increased safety margins in distribution. All the facilities are adapted to GDP (Good Distribution Practice).

All our employees and drivers undergo training every year in quality and safety linked to the regulations Tamro operates within. Tamro's unique transport system for delivery to pharmacies ensures quality and temperature all the way from distributor to pharmacy. For us at Tamro, it is also important to be able to offer customized solutions for products or assortments with specific  requirements.

Transportation of tests and samples

Tamro offers a fully integrated distribution solution for deliveries to pharmacies. Through three strategically located distribution facilities, we deliver to all pharmacies in Sweden within 24 hours. By using several facilities, we have shorter delivery times, proximity to pharmacies and increased safety margins.

In our GDP-classified transports, we offer the opportunity to transport samples and tests from pharmacies, healthcare centers or other facilities to labs for analysis.

With our developed transport network, this is a service that can be performed with high quality and precision. We offer both room temperature and unbroken cold chain capabilites. 

Clinical trial

With Clinical Trial, we can provide you with services along the entire logistics chain. After years of experience in medicines studies and logistics in clinical trials, we can offer tailor-made solutions - designed with a focus on safety and quality, so you can focus on your research.

A clinical trial requires controlled flows throughout the chain. Tamro has a manufacturing permit and we meet all the environmental and safety when repackaging. Our work is governed by the comprehensive regulations GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). We can also help you to ship and procure medicines in Europe thanks to Tamro's international presence.

In accordance with the EU directives and special regulations that handles clinical trials, we offer a range of services that is tailored according to your needs. Tamro has agreements with most of Sweden's county councils / regions and offers distribution directly to the clinic, without intermediaries. We offer services such as:

  • Warehousing / Pass-through
  • Order handling
  • Repackaging / additional marking, incl. repackaging according to randomization list
  • Purchase of EU released comparator drugs
  • Distribution within Europe
  • Transportation follow-up
  • Pharmaceutical control
  • Reports / Statistics
  • Return and destruction management
  • Validating transport packaging with temperature measurement
  • Web-based warehousing system with external access for customers


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Pharmacy services

Many daily tasks can take time from meeting the customer. That’s why we have designed services that can ease your everyday work and therefor give you more time to focus on your customers and core business.

Explore services like Zone division, which frees up valuable time, or Reposition of goods, a service which enables you to redistribute goods between pharmacies. 

Zone divison

Sorting when unpacking medicines and other goods can take up valuable time in pharmacies. With zone division, the desired goods is delivered in the same bins, which makes it easier and faster to unpack.

Read more about Zone division.

Reposition of goods

We offer this service to make it as easy as possible for pharmacies to distribute goods between each other. This is a good alternatives if e.g. medicines or product would run out at one pharmacy, but is available at another.

Read more about Reposition goods.

Divided delivery

We offer divided delivery that allows you to separate orders and deliveries in the same goods flows, but with separate invoices.

Read more about Divided delivery.


We handle the destruction of outdated medicines and archive materials from pharmacies and other customers. With the help of this service, you can feel confident that medicines do not end up in the "wrong place" or pose a risk to the environment.

Read more about Destruction.

Order & delivery

If necessary, there is the possibility for pharmacies to place an order in addition to the regular order. Depending on how urgent the delivery is, you can choose between an Express Order, or Additional Order.

Read more about Order & delivery. 

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Business Intelligence

Tamro's services within BI provide an increased understanding of your business and useful tools in its development.

We have designed four different packages within BI to make it easy to match your needs.  We call them FREE, BASIC, PLUS and PREMIUM. In this way, you do not have to pay for more than you need, at the same time as you have the ability to scale up to e.g. more advanced analysis tools if needed.

You also have the option to standardize or customize our Reporting tool and File integration service.

Four packages within BI.

Read more about our BI packages and what functions you get access to as a customer.

FREE: The free version gives you access to KPI widgets via an easy-to-understand dashboard, product information, transport notifications as well as the ability to update delivery dates and place web orders.

BASIC: In addition to everything from the free version, BASIC provides access to real-time data on completed transports, goods receipt, stock levels and backorders.

PLUS: In addition to what is included in FREE and BASIC, you get the opportunity for grouping by product and district as well as our analysis tool for sales and stock.

PREMIUM: Here you get access to everything from Free and Basic, as well as the possibility of grouping by product and district. This also includes our more comprehensive analysis tool for sales, inventory, transactions, backorders and KPIs.

Read more about Four packages within BI.


We want to give you access to a wide range of updated reports on e.g. sales statistics, information on inventory levels and invoicing. Our goal is to be able to offer a flexible tool as possible.

Standard: Is included free of charge as part of our logistics service.

Additional reports: Additional reports from Tamro's range of reports.

Customer-unique reports: Compiled based on our customer's needs and wishes.

You can also get access to the Launch Reports service, which gives you a flexible solution to quickly follow up on sales and future availability. Launch reports give you an overview of both daily results and over an entire launch period, as well as detailed reports for the most recent day per customer, city, municipality and / or pharmacy chain.

Read more about Reports.

File integration.

This service gives you access to automate file transfers so that you can get information about e.g. inventory levels or lists of current customers and product items.

Standardized file transfers: Information is sent via FTP in Tamro's standard format.

Customer-unique file integrations: Information is sent via FTP and automatically transferred into our customer's business system.

Read more about File Integration.

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