Logistics services.

Logistics services have been Tamro's core business for 100 years. Our extensive experience has resulted in tried-and-true services that have proven to make your work easier. Thanks to our three warehouse centres around Sweden, we can always ensure safe and secure distribution of medicines.

Pharmacy distribution

Tamro offers a fully integrated distribution solution for deliveries to pharmacies. Through three strategically located distribution facilities, Tamro delivers to all pharmacies in Sweden within 24 hours. Thanks to our multiple facilities, our delivery times are shorter, we are closer to the pharmacies, and we have increased safety margins with regards to distribution.

Of course, all the facilities are adapted to GDP (Good Distribution Practice). All of our employees and drivers undergo annual quality and safety training linked to the regulatory framework in which Tamro operates. Tamro's unique transport system for deliveries to pharmacies ensures quality and temperature control from the distributor all the way to pharmacy. For us at Tamro, it is also important to be able to offer customized solutions for specific products or ranges with special requirements.

Distribution to Swedish healthcare clients

The Swedish healthcare market is constantly changing, placing new demands on market, and Tamro is no exception. Our goal is to provide services that allow you to focus on your core business and leave parts of logistics, large or small, to us at Tamro.

In addition to our integrated distribution to pharmacies, we can also take care of your deliveries to other recipients on the Swedish market. We carry out regular deliveries to the major wholesalers and the Swedish pharmacy chains. Deliveries directly to individual recipients can also be arranged if necessary.   

Knowledgeable customer service

An important part of our distribution solution is our knowledgeable and competent customer service department. In many cases we receive orders electronically, but sometimes things have to be done manually. In those cases, our staff will be on hand to answer your, or your customers' questions, whether they are simple or more complex.

Orders, Pick/Packing & Delivery

Orders can be placed both electronically and manually, depending on what the customer wants. Picking, packing and consolidation of deliveries takes place at our central warehouses. Deliveries to recipients can be carried out as individual deliveries, or with our regular transportation to larger, frequent recipients. 


Additionally, if such is desired, Tamro is also able to handle the invoicing of recipients. Our invoicing service covers the entire spectrum from electronic invoicing with contract price to paper invoicing with list price.   


Our central warehouses in Gothenburg, Kungens Kurva and Nykvarn are all adapted to GDP (Good Distribution Practice) in terms of premises and processes. The shipments are partially GDP-compliant depending on who the recipients are and what products to be delivered are.

Administrative services

By using the services Tamro offers, you can save administrative time as well as ensure that you comply with current laws and regulations regarding the handling, distribution and destruction of pharmaceuticals on a national level. Among other things, you can receive help with release certificates for your goods, secure handling of pharmaceutical licences for narcotics, environmental fees to FTI (Förpacknings- och Tidningsinsamlingen) or SGÅ (Svensk Glasåtervinning) and submitting Intrastat declarations to Statistics Sweden (SCB). For exports, Tamro can create proforma invoices and provide customs processing services.

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Nordic and international distribution

Sometimes it can be difficult to get sufficient resources in terms of both time and staff. Especially as distribution expands beyond Sweden's borders. Tamro offers ready-to-use solutions for Nordic and international distribution and provides customer service, ordering, picking/packing, delivery and a number of related administrative services. All this to ensure that you are able to deliver your goods to distributors and wholesalers whenever they’re needed and wherever they’re located. 

Knowledgeable customer service

An important part of our international distribution solution is our knowledgeable and competent customer service department. Orders can be placed directly by recipients abroad or by you. In some cases we receive orders electronically, but sometimes things need to be done manually. In those cases, our staff are on hand to answer your, or your customers', questions - regardless of how simple or complicated the questions may be.

Orders, Pick/Packing & Delivery

With our central warehouses in Gothenburg, Kungens Kurva and Nykvarn, we are well situated to optimize your Nordic and international logistics. Regardless of the destination of your delivery, we strive for the highest possible security and optimal quality. Orders can be placed both electronically and manually depending on the recipient's and your wishes. Selection, packing and consolidation of deliveries takes place at our central warehouses. Transport to larger, more frequent recipients in the Nordic countries is made with our regular delivery rounds. 


Our central warehouses in Gothenburg, Kungens Kurva and Nykvarn are all adapted to GDP (Good Distribution Practice) in terms of premises and processes. The shipments are partially GDP-compliant depending on who the recipients are and what the products to be delivered are. 

Administrative services

By using the services Tamro offers, you can save administrative time as well as ensure that you comply with current laws and regulations regarding the handling and distribution of pharmaceuticals at a Nordic and international level. Among other things, you can get help with pro forma and customs administration as well as Intrastat declarations to Statistics Sweden (SCB) for your cross-border trade.

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Vaccine distribution

Sweden has a unique system for handling vaccinations which involves a number of different parties. This enables the possibility to reach as many patient groups as possible in a simple way. Vaccinations are administered in health centres, hospitals, vaccination centres and schools. With Tamro's service, all vaccinators on the Swedish market can order and have vaccines delivered - easy, quick and safe. Tamro has extensive experience in handling and delivering vaccines. We make sure the products are selected, packed and then transported to the recipient at the correct temperature.

Our competent customer service staff is always available to assist you if you, or the recipient, have any questions. When you use our vaccine service, you also get access to services for invoicing, credit and authorization controls of your customers as well as a reliable and validated returnable packaging solution. Vaccine orders vary according to season and organization. Sometimes large amounts of vaccines need to be delivered in a short period of time - and other times a lot of time passes between orders. This service is designed to facilitate the entire process, from ordering to delivery.

Are you curious to know more about our Vaccine distribution? Don't hesitate to reach out to us. 

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Transport of tests and samples

Tamro offers a fully integrated distribution solution for deliveries to pharmacies. Tamro delivers to all pharmacies in Sweden within 24 hours thanks to our three strategically located distribution facilities. By using multiple facilities, we ensure shorter delivery times and increased safety margins for deliveries thanks to our closer proximity to the pharmacies.

For our GDP-class transports, we now offer transport of samples and tests from pharmacies, health centres or other facilities to laboratories for analysis as well.

Using our established carrier network, this is a service that can be performed with high quality and precision. We develop transport solutions that meet the temperature requirements of both room temperature and an unbroken cold chain, based on the needs and requirements of your customers. 

Clinical trials

With the Clinical Trials service, we provide you with services across the entire logistics chain. With extensive experience in study medicines and clinical trial logistics, we offer tailor-made solutions, designed with safety and quality in mind. This is to ensure that you can prioritize your research. 

A clinical trial requires controlled flows throughout the chain. Tamro holds a manufacturing permit, meets all environmental requirements as well as safety requirements regarding repackaging, and our work is governed by the comprehensive regulatory framework GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Thanks to Tamro's international presence, we can help you both ship and procure medicines within Europe.

In accordance with the EU directives and special regulations that govern the handling of clinical trials, we offer a range of services that we tailor to your needs. Tamro has agreements with the majority of Sweden's county councils/regions and offers distribution directly to clinics, without intermediaries. We offer services such as:

  • Warehousing/Pass-through
  • Order management
  • Repacking/additional labelling, incl. repackaging using randomisation lists
  • Purchase of EU-released comparator drugs
  • Distribution within Europe
  • Transport monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical control
  • Reports/Statistics
  • Return and destruction management
  • Validating transport packaging with temperature measurement
  • Web-based warehousing system with external access for customers
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Pharmacy services

A lot of daily tasks can take time away from actually meeting customers’ needs. That is why Tamro offers services that have been designed to let you to focus on your core business and offer the best possible service to your customers. With the help of e.g. Zone Division you can save valuable time that otherwise would be spent sorting medicines and other goods. If goods need to be redistributed between pharmacies, this is easily done using the service Reposition of goods. You’ll also have access to services that facilitate the management of deliveries and can also take advantage of our service for destruction of obsolete goods. 

Zone division

Sorting when unpacking medicine and other goods can takes up valuable time at the pharmacy. With Zone Division, requested goods can be delivered in the same trays, making it easier and faster to unpack the delivery from Tamro. 

Read more about Zone Division. 

Reposition of goods

In order to make it as easy as possible for pharmacies to distribute goods between each other, Tamro offers the Reposition of goods service. This is a good option if, for example, a medicine or product runs out at one pharmacy but is available at another.

Read more about Reposition of goods. 

Divided delivery

We offer a delivery splitting service that allows you to separate orders and goods within the same delivery with separate invoices.

Read more about Divided delivery.


Tamro handles the destruction of obsolete pharmaceutical and archival materials from pharmacies and other customers. This service gives you peace of mind knowing that the medicine will not end up in the "wrong place" or pose a risk to the environment. 

Read more about Destruction.

Order & Delivery

If needed, pharmacies can place an order in addition to their regular order. Depending on the urgency of the delivery, you can choose between an Express Order or a Supplementary Order.

Read more about Order & Delivery.

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Business Intelligence

Tamro's BI services are designed to give you a better understanding of your business and provide useful tools to develop it. We can respond to different needs regarding business analysis and information and identify the solution that is most relevant to the challenges you are facing.

To make it easier to find the approach and features that best suit your business, Tamro has designed three different BI packages. The three packages are FREE, BASIC and PREMIUM. This way you only pay for the services that you need, while still being able to upgrade and have access to more advanced analysis tools if the need arises. The same option to choose between standard and customized is also available for our reporting tool and our file transfer feature. 

Three different BI packages.

Here you can read more about our BI packages and what features you get access to as a customer.

FREE: The free version gives you access to KPI widgets through an easy-to-read dashboard, product information, transport notifications as well as the ability to update delivery dates and place web orders.

BASIC: In addition to everything that is included in the free version, BASIC provides real-time access to data on completed transports, goods receipt, stock levels and backorders.

PREMIUM: This gives you access to everything included in Free and Basic, as well as the option of grouping by product and district. PREMIUM also includes our more comprehensive analysis tool for sales, inventory, transactions, backorders and KPIs.

Read more about our three different BI packages.

Reports at three levels.

We want to give you access to a wide range of up-to-date reports on things like sales statistics, stock level information and invoicing. Our goal is to be able to offer the most flexible tool possible. 

Standard: Included free of charge as part of our logistics service.
Additional reports: Additional reports from Tamro’s range of reports.
Customized reports: Compiled according to our customer's needs and wishes.

You can also access Launch Reports which provides you with a convenient solution for quickly monitoring sales and future availability. Launch reports give you an overview of daily results and an entire launch period, as well as provide detailed daily reports per customer, city, municipality and/or pharmacy chain. 

Read more about Reports.

File Transfer.

Tamro's service gives you access to automated file transfers - to enable you access to information about things like stock levels or lists of current customers and product items. 

Standardized file transfers: Information is sent via FTP in Tamro's standard format.
Custom file integrations: Information is sent via FTP and automatically loaded into our customer's business system.

Read more about File Transfer.

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Additional services

Tamro also offers a range of additional services that can facilitate and streamline the work of several parties in the supply chain (e.g. manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies). For example, through this service, we can help you prevent ordering medicine in too large a quantity, which can lead to shortages, through the service Allocation of goods service.

Administrative Services

Administrative work can easily take valuable time out of workday. In some cases help might even be needed to ensure that the work was carried out correctly. Our administrative services can help you reduce the amount of internal administrative work, so that you can focus on your core business. With nearly 100 years of experience, our knowledgeable staff can ensure that the work is carried out correctly - a reassurance for you and your business.

Explore our administrative services in more detail.

Delivery Services

To make receiving incoming goods easier, we have developed two services: Delivery Notifications to improve the quality and flow of your deliveries and Batch Release to help you upload release certificates.

Read more about Delivery Notifications.
Read more about Batch Release.

Quality Services

For a safe and secure distribution of medicine, quality is the key. With our quality services, we can ensure you have a reliable process for Withdrawal of Medicines or help you deliver goods that have not yet been released for sale.

Read more about Withdrawal of Medicines.
Read more about EU Release.

Stock Management

There are many advantages to having your stock here at Tamro. We can assist you with almost everything regarding warehouse management, for example by providing services that enable you to move your goods back to your central warehouse at Tamro’s facilities or to pick out Reference Samples for various purposes.

Read more about Reference Samples.
Read more about Stock Transfer.

Pharmaceutical Samples

We stock and distribute pharmaceutical samples to doctors, dentists, veterinarians, consultants, district nurses and other professionals and can handle all aspects pertaining to the samples.

Read more about Pharmaceutical Samples.


Tamro gives you access to a wide range of repackaging options. In addition to our regular services, we can, for example, assist with several types of inspection assignments. This is a good option to avoid having to return or destroy goods due to suspected defects.

Read more about Repackaging.

Temperature Control

Many medicines and other goods are temperature-sensitive. If a product is exposed to the wrong temperature during transport, the product may be destroyed, preventing it from working properly. With our temperature control services, you can be sure that your goods arrive in the right condition - a reassurance for both you and your customers.

Read more about Temperature Control during Delivery.
Read more about Temperature Logs during Transport.

Delivery Services

Somethings things don’t always happen as planned, and suddenly you need quick delivery. With the Express Order service, we offer faster delivery. In the event that the recipient is not part of Tamro's regular delivery network and the goods are temperature sensitive, we also offer Cold Packaging for both large and small items - included in our regular delivery services.

Read more about Express Orders.
Read more about Cold Packaging.

Handling of Claims

Handling claims takes up valuable time for both large and small pharmaceutical companies. To make your life easier, we can safely and securely handle the claims you receive regarding medicine from pharmacies.

Read more about the Handling of Claims.

Uniform conditions create flexibility

The vast majority of the value-added services are provided under a set of simple general terms and conditions. But some more complex value-added services require a more detailed agreement between the parties. This means that additional services can be requested at short notice without an agreement having to be signed. It gives our customers freedom and flexibility when it comes to selection, activation and termination of value-added services.

You can find Tamro’s General Terms and Conditions for Value Added Services here. 

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