Quality and sustainability.

Safety for the entire ecosystem.

Sustainability from A to Z

It’s the small things done on a daily basis that lay the foundation for a sustainable society. We measure, for example, the fuel consumption of our delivery trucks and strive to use renewable fuels wherever possible.

About 78 percent of our waste is recycled and 15 percent is incinerated for energy recovery. Since 2014 Tamro has also used 100 percent renewable energy at all of its facilities.

Quality is central to everything we do

Tamro has extensive experience of securing the supply of pharmaceuticals to patients under all circumstances. This is a mission with strict requirements regarding quality, safety, efficiency and preparedness. Moreover, we often handle goods that are sensitive to both storage and transport. Some pharmaceuticals have to be shipped in an unbroken cold chain to avoid detrimental effects.

We regularly conduct quality inspections together with both our customers and the Swedish Medical Products Agency. And we look forward to these occasions. It’s important to us to know that we’re up to standard and we continually strive to improve our quality management system.

Tamro have a quality network comprised of representatives from the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacies that is convened a couple of times a year. Other sources of knowledge include individual support from Tamro’s quality experts and training in GDP (Good Distribution Practice). On behalf of the Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Tamro also participates in training initiatives for the industry, such as “GDP in Practice”.  

Licences and certificates

Our core values serve as guiding principles for each individual and for Tamro as a whole. We’ve also defined the company’s mission, vision, business concept and environmental policy. Our wholesale distribution authorisation, which is issued by the Swedish Medical Products Agency, is essential to the running of our operations. We apply GDP (Good Distribution Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) , as well as the PHOENIX compliance programme within the three areas of anti-corruption, competition and conduct.

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