We are constantly developing our services to meet the challenges of the future. Here, you can have a look at what we are currently working on.

Patient support platform

Tamro is developing a platform for monitoring patient-reported data in therapy areas. We coordinate an ecosystem where public and private actors work together with public authorities and national actors in order to empower patients in their self-care, reduce the workload on the health care system and improve the outcomes of treatments.

We provide patients with various forms of support that make their everyday lives easier. When the support platform is used, data is created. With the patient's consent, this data can create added value for many actors.

RWD studies, follow-up and outcome-based reimbursement models

The Swedish Dental and Pharmaceutical Benefits Agency (TLV) is increasingly asking pharmaceutical companies for Real World Data (RWD) in conjunction with follow-ups. We are therefore developing concepts based on our patient support platform that support the availability of RWD for monitoring and evaluation of medicines and their effects in everyday life. The purpose is to support the introduction of new medicines on the Swedish market and to create a basis for outcome-based pricing.

To reach end users

We are exploring the possibilities of communication all the way to the end user. Even in a digital society, medicine still needs to be transported physically. Tamro delivers goods to 1,500 pharmacies across the country on a daily basis. Paired with our ability to attach information to the medicine packaging, this creates exciting opportunities to communicate messages to the end user.


We have also seen the potential business opportunities that exist between Tamro's various distribution customers. In the marketplace we bring customers together in order to form new business relationships within our corporate network.

Talk to us

The broad range of Tamro's innovation work means that we get more inquiries regarding collaborations beyond our pharmaceutical distribution If you want to know how we can help you, ask us.

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