Possibilities within Repackaging.

Tamro gives you access to a wide range of repackaging options. In addition to regular services, we can assist you with, for example, several types of inspection tasks. This is a good option in order to avoid having to return or destroy goods due to suspected defects.

We can also provide medicines with a package leaflet for sales in a different country, where the country's pharmaceutical authority grants an exemption. The leaflet will then be attached to the outside of the packaging using a rubber band. This is a way to resolve possible shortages of medicines without compromising the packaging and to minimize the risk that arises if the product and package leaflet are to be sent separately.

 We also assist with:

  • Checking for possible missing text/batch/misc. on the packaging
  • Inspection of packaging seals
  • Verification of readable 2D codes
  • Suspected leakage
  • Defects, such as a broken cork or other protective exterior on packaging
  • Weighing assignments

We also offer services for commercial goods. This can apply to everything from advertising campaigns and co-packaging to packaging with e.g. new information by applying a label or adding a folder. /p>

Contact person:

Cecilia Sundh
M. Pharm. Sc, Operational Manager Clinical Trials & Re-Packaging
Phone number: +46(0)31-767 77 04
Mail: cecilia.sundh@tamro.com