By law, all medicines offered on the Swedish market must be released and approved for sale in the EU before they can be sold. In order for Tamro, as a pharmaceutical distributor, to be able to handle and distribute a medicine, a release certificate from the MAH (Market Authorisation Holder) is required.

In the event that a pharmaceutical company needs goods delivered that have not yet been released for sale, these goods must then be placed in quarantine until they are released within the EU. We have extensive experience in distribution and logistics, and we will assist you by simplifying this process.

Here's how it works:

We receive the non-EU-released goods and place them under quarantine until they are released in the EU. The goods will be blocked and unavailable for sale.

Once the goods have been approved for release, an approved CoC (Certificate of Conformity) is required. Thereafter we will administer the release of the goods. The process also includes reference samples from the delivery that are sent to you or a designated party for analysis and approval.

Do you have any additional questions?

Contact your nearest contact person or Tamro's operator at +46(0)31-767 75 00.