Allocation of goods.

In order to prevent pharmacies from placing orders for medicine that are “too large”, we offer our “Allocation of goods” service. Allocation ensures that the necessary medicine is continuously available.

Here's how it works:

Based on your instructions and requests, we set restrictions for orders of specific items linked to individual pharmacy chains. If a pharmacy has ordered goods that exceed the allowed order volume for the allocated item, we will inform the pharmacy of this and the order will be cancelled.  

The allocation of medicine is only allowed under certain conditions. Therefore, the service is aimed for:

  • Pharmaceutical companies with parallel-imported medicine where the flow of goods is directed at certain pharmacies or pharmaceutical chains
  • Pharmaceutical companies that feel that pharmacy operators place abnormally large orders for certain medicine that may jeopardize patient supply

Do you have any additional questions?

Contact your nearest contact person or Tamro's operator at the number +46 (0)31-767 75 00.