Administrative services.

Administrative work can easily take up valuable time out of your workday. Here you will find services that can help you reduce your company’s workload so that you can focus on your core business instead.

Allocation of goods

Allocation of goods ensures that necessary medicines are continuously available.

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Administration of environmental fees

Any company that imports goods, fills packages and sells a product on the Swedish market has an environmental responsibility that incurs a fee.
We help you comply with the environmental responsibility and take care of the administration process from start to finish.

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Import & export of pharmaceuticals

The import and export of narcotics is an advanced and delicate process. We possess the necessary skills and permits to help you with the import and export of narcotics. 

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Customs processing

We can help you with the customs declarations concerning transports to and from Sweden. This is a safe choice where you can be sure that the process and administration of the work has been done correctly.    

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Customer Pricing Agreements

We help you manage differentiated customer pricing. This is a service that allows you to set individual, customer-unique prices.

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