We offer this service in order to protect the environment, ensure that expired medicine doesn’t end up in the "wrong place" and comply with laws and regulations. We handle the destruction of outdated medicines, archive materials and cutting waste from pharmacies and customers, and offer a complete service with customized packaging and collection.

We offer several different types of packaging to suit the needs. The packages function as containers where waste can be sorted and returned directly to Tamro. To ensure that the waste arrives to Tamro, we verify the receiving. In this way, you can feel secure that current laws and regulations are complied, and that the medicines do not end up in the "wrong place" or pose a risk to the environment.

Order the service:

You order the service via EDI and receive your order with the regular delivery. The box is later picked up, together with other returns, and is shipped to Tamro.

Do you have any further questions?

Please contact Tamro's customer service by phone 0771-15 00 10 or e-mail