Time for a digital lift

Every day thousands of people log in to our digital system at Tamro. Now we are launching a first release of a new technical platform making it even easier to access real-time and historical data. As before you can log in via your computer but the content is now adapted for tablets and smart phones.

A new menu structure makes it easier to discover and use our services. The platform is designed to eventually shape the content to each user. Likewise, to quickly add new services that make life easier for our customers.

Tamro is a central independent actor in the Swedish ecosystem for pharmaceuticals logistics. The goal of our new platform is to create a natural meeting place for all the actors we meet in our daily lives, for example, pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacies, authorities, hospitals and patients. The idea is to be able to work over borders to create new services demanded by the market and make life better for all those involved in the value chain.

 In the first phase, we are rolling out the platform to just over a thousand users. But that is not the finishing line, it is more the starting point. We will continuously develop our platform to meet new needs for everything impacting cost efficiency and qualitative pharmaceutical logistics.