Developing extremely cool services

Rickard Syrén

Service developer

En hel palett av tjänster

Rickard Syrén works as a service developer at Tamro, ensuring that the company develops new services to meet customer needs. One area where Rickard has worked a little extra is the unbroken cold chain, from goods receiving to delivery. The right temperature throughout the logistics chain is essential if pharmaceuticals and vaccines are to retain their potency.

The best thing about my job as a service developer is the extensive customer contact. After all, they're why we're here. If we can discuss and find solutions together with our customers, it benefits both sides. Many customer requests concern the unbroken cold chain, which has provided the basis for our recently developed vaccine service, for example.

I started out at Tamro in logistics, moving to customer care and marketing, then switching to supply chain, and now I'm back in the logistics department. Having tried several different departments has helped me develop and provided variation in my work. What's more, I've got to know so many friendly and professional people at the company.  

Sometimes I think that things can feel a little constrained at Tamro, but some order is unavoidable if you're going to achieve economies of scale in a tightly regulated industry. I think that as a company we try to capture the essence of what customers want and that we work proactively to realise their wishes. We can't fulfil every wish, but we always give it a good try.