About us

This is Tamro

Tamro has an important role in the Swedish value chain for well-being. Thousands of people’s health and sometimes even lives are dependent on us delivering pharmaceuticals and other medical and healthcare products on time and in perfect condition to the country’s pharmacies and hospitals. We don’t have any pharmacies of our own, we’re an independent actor. This means that we can work with everyone’s best interests in mind –manufacturers, pharmacies, hospitals, consumers and patients.

About 550 people work at Tamro and the company’s quality and environmental management systems are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 respectively. The company was founded in 1921 as ADA (Apotekarnes Droghandelsaktiebolag), changing its name to Tamro in 1995 in conjunction with an acquisition. PHOENIX acquired a third of Tamro in 2000 and is the sole owner since 2004. 


Examples of product types for which Tamro offers logistics services  

  • Pharmaceuticals (Rx and OTC)
  • Merchandise
  • Ostomy supplies
  • Diabetes supplies
  • Medical devices
  • Health food products
  • Veterinary products

We work with DTP

Managing your pharmaceuticals in a cohesive flow via a single logistics partner increases quality, safety and efficiency while reducing costs. This is why Tamro wholeheartedly promotes and supports DTP (Direct-to-Pharmacy), a model that is deeply rooted in Sweden. The market and all concerned have voluntarily worked with the DTP model for decades, even after the 2009 deregulation of the Swedish pharmacy market.

DTP means that the pharmaceutical manufacturer assigns Tamro the task of stocking all of its pharmaceuticals and transporting them to pharmacies. So we’re not a traditional wholesaler, but rather a company working with third-party logistics. Tamro provides logistics services to the pharmaceutical industry and other actors who wish to use our services. 

Sponsorship that makes a difference

Tamro has sponsored the Foundation for Queen Silvia Children's Hospital since 2007. Over the years, Tamro has contributed to about sixty new computers, wireless broadband and hospital clowns, as well as therapeutic interiors and nursing room renovations. A sponsorship project that places us warmly at heart is Svea, a certified therapy dog who together with her handler Annika brings much joy to severely ill children and their families.We joined Svea, the therapy dog, for a typical day at work and it was a truly uplifting experience.

Every year, Tamro's employees abstain their Christmas gift for the Foundation, this year we chose to sponsor the Sibling supporter’s at the Children's Hospital. We got a good insight into the important work performed for the siblings of the sick children staying at the hospital, a person we had the pleasure to meet was Albin, who finds ways to pass the time.


Tamro is part of PHOENIX Group, a family-owned European group with 30,000 employees in over 25 countries and more than 150 distribution centres. This provides us with access to a unique network for sharing knowledge, exchanging experience and initiating value-creating partnerships. If you like Tamro in Sweden, the All-in-One service from PHOENIX opens the way to the whole of Europe. 

Your privacy

We care about your privacy

For us, it is important that you have confidence to allow us to process your personal data, and that you are aware that we do so in a legal and trustworthy manner. Tamro aims to ensure a high level of protection for your personal integrity.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a new EU regulation that becomes applicable throughout the EU on 25 May 2018. As preparation for the introduction of GDPR, we in the PHOENIX Group have implemented a project that has resulted in several different activities to protect data and safeguard privacy.

If you would like more information on how Tamro approaches data protection, you are free to read our Data Protection Policy. If you would like detailed information on how we process your personal information, what data we collect, what we use it for and what rights you have, please read our Information to registered customers. These documents also provide contact details should you wish to contact Tamro’s data protection officer.

Reporting data protection incidents

PHOENIX Group has developed a reporting tool which allows employees, customers, partners and others to easily report any data protection incidents. Each reported incident will be dealt with promptly, partly to ensure that we comply with the requirements stated in the regulations and partly to contribute to our preventive and constantly improving security work.