Logistic Services.

This area has been our core business at Tamro for 100 years. Our experience has resulted in proven services, which ease your everyday work.

Pharmacy Distribution

Tamro offers a fully integrated distribution solution for deliveries to pharmacies. Through three strategically located distribution facilities, Tamro delivers to all pharmacies in Sweden within 24 hours. By using several facilities, we can have shorter delivery times, proximity to the pharmacy and increased safety margins in distribution.

Of course, all the facilities are adapted to GDP (Good Distribution Practice). Every year, all our employees and drivers undergo training in quality and safety linked to the regulations Tamro operates within. Tamro's unique transport system for delivery to pharmacies ensures quality and temperature all the way from distributor to pharmacy. For us at Tamro, it is also important to be able to offer customized solutions for specific products or assortments with specific requirements.